vor—gänge is an museum right in the center of the Gängeviertel, a cultural and vivid open space to examine the past and present of urban alternatives. Together, we want to revive an almost forgotten part of Hamburg’s history and create a meeting point between urban grey, where anybody can become part of a creative oasis: vor—gänge – a museum of urban alternative in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel.

Since 2016, as a museum and research centre, vor—gänge has been attempting to thematise the lost history of these quarters and at the same time to communicate the experiences and findings of today’s initiative transparently to the outside world. The museum has already hosted several seminars and collaborations at the University of Hamburg, as well as countless tours, film screenings, readings and bar evenings in the district. The centre is a former workers’ apartment on the ground floor of today’s Schierspassage, which serves as a workplace and exhibition space.