With the tenth anniversary of the occupation closing in, negotiations with the city seem to finally come to a conclusion. Renovation of the area will continue and there will be constructions for a couple of years, while step-by-step new houses will be finished and filled with people and ideas. Apart from the social and residency housing, the ground-floors will offer spaces for social and cultural projects, in order to test new concepts and utopias in the years to come. Social and art spaces, but also small businesses and ateliers will be permanently rented out at affordable rates. In this manner, we want to create a space, that engaged people can re-invent and create over and over again.

Negotiation results

From the very beginning, the fate of the Gängeviertel was closely connected to the question of ownership. Our central goals are: the permanent preservation and development over several generations. Self-determination, planning security and a rehabilitation that follows the needs of the users and the preservation of the historical buildings.
To achieve these goals, the Gängeviertel has to be taken off the market permanently to protect it from privatization and varying political tides. With the conclusion of the negotiations with the city, we were able to a leasehold over 75 years, that allows us to fulfill our primary objectives: preserving the area and guaranteeing affordable rents in the inner-city, as well as the creation of alternative social and cultural concepts. We hope that this contract will be an example for other projects and for an alternative city-development as a whole.


When will the Gängeviertel finally be finished? We don’t know. What we do know is that we have learned a lot from past mistakes. Apart from the ongoing negotiations we have been working these past years on our structure and our approach towards the rehabilitation process. In coordination with the steg, the IFB and the city-council we will be able to better acknowledge the needs of our residents and to preserve the historic buildings.
The entire process is being coordinated by a commission and new collectives for the houses will be found as soon as possible, in order to allow a maximum of participation. House-collectives will plan and design the new houses together with our architects.