Culture, art, music, visions, and utopias: that’s all good and right! However, trying to make living in the wrong life a little bit better isn’t possible without money – unfortunately! Sound equipment, maintenance, construction materials, and the occasional bucket of paint don’t grow on trees. Additionally, we had to start paying some of the people working here, because the amount of work has gotten to massive. All the other activists you see around here work voluntarily and unpaid, motivated by their love for the cause! So be kind! All of this is paid for by our guests and supporters, who decide with every beer and every coffee what all of this is worth to them – pay what you want !


Our cultural program is beautiful but a lot of work! On bars, at doors, on desks and in workshops and ateliers thousands of unpaid, voluntary hours accumulate here every month. The participation in the project Gängeviertel is supposed to be voluntary and fun – we earn our money in the so called “real world”.
Where this principle fails because jobs need long-term reliability or are simply so unattractive that no one in their right mind would volunteer for them, we started to pay wages for a few positions, e.g. in the administration of the association and the cooperative or to our bouncers that accompany us and our guests safely through the weekend. Nevertheless, the Gängeviertel is always in need of idealists and maniacs that are willing to waste their days and nights with us. Join the Gäng!

Pwyw and subsidies

Culture and the arts for all – noncommercial and self-determined – has always been the mantra of the Gängeviertel. But how do we pay for all this? A small part of our budget comes from foundations and the city, who occasionally sponsor our exhibitions or music program. However, none of this is permanent so we have to put a lot of work into applications and get rejected regularly.
To avoid excluding people from our cultural program, the Gängeviertel operates with the principle “pay what you want”. There are no fixed prices in the entire area, meaning that our guests have to decide for themselves – at the door or at the bar – what a cultural free-space like this is worth to them. Your contribution decides whether or not there will be a future Gängeviertel!